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Professional exhaust check for your vehicle

Have you noticed that your vehicle doesn't pull as many miles as it used to do?  Any vibrations coming from the steering wheel?  Maybe the engine is making more noise than usual?  All of these are indications of exhaust issues, and it's both your health and your wallet that could end up taking a hit.  It's time to get this sorted, and that's where V & M Tyres can help.

If you live in Bagillt or anywhere across Holywell or Chester, allow our professional mechanics at V & M Tyres to assist you with your requirements.
exhaust repairs
Dual rear exit

Types of exhaust repairs

We offer the following exhaust repairs:

• Single exit pipe
• Dual rear exit
• Opposite dual exhaust
• High performance exhaust (can supply too!)
• Catalytic converter

Allow your vehicle to breathe easy

A well maintained exhaust is one of the key elements for the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine.  It saves you money, increases your vehicle's performance and reroutes dangerous fumes away from you and your family.

Contact our skilled mechanics for advice and support for any kind of exhaust repairs and maintenance. 
high performance exhaust

Contact V & M Tyres for affordable catalytic converters across Bagillt on 01352 714 931

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